Buy Cannabis Seeds in Malta

As the Malta Cannabis Bill has been passed and approved through Parliament, Maltese citizens are allowed to possess up to 7 grams of Weed and grow up to 4 Cannabis plants at home.

As the Cannabis associations in Malta are still being set up, the easiest and safest way to acquire weed is to buy Cannabis seeds and grow your own plant. It’s also fun!

Through this portal, we provide information on how to choose the most suitable seed type, as well as how to provide the best care and increase the chance of success by recommending the best online shops on the market which distribute Cannabis Seeds in Malta.

How Can I Get Free Seeds with Every Order I Place for Malta?

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It is very easy. Simply click here or on the promo banner above. Then make the selection of Cannabis Seeds that you want to buy and place the order with shipment set to Malta.

With your Cannabis Seed selection, you will also receive an additional 3 Cannabis Seeds for free!

Why Select & Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Transparency and honesty is at the basis of our information. Through our portal we want to help you to find the seeds which best fit your requirements and budget.

Although buying cannabis seeds online may seem like a daunting task, it carries out significant advantages over going to one of the local stores.

In the following table, we highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages that buying cannabis seeds online brings to the table.

✅ Much wider selection of seeds than you will find in local shops in Malta

✅ Protect your privacy. Avoid getting visibility from shop employees, other customers and passers by as you go physically go to the shop

✅ Save money as you buy directly from the source

✅ Plenty of time to research and understand what products are available from the comfort of your home (away from the prying eyes of the salesman at the shop who just wants to close the deal)

✅ You are assured of the quality of the product as the recommended seed banks are operating in regulated markets which supply Maltese customers

✅ You are guaranteed to receive fresh seeds which have not been sitting on a local store’s shelf for the past few months – resulting in higher quality plants which have a higher yield

✅ Help and support comes from commercial experts carrying many more years of professional experience as buying Cannabis Seeds in Malta has only been recently legalised, and local traders are still getting to grips

✅ More bang for your buck. Most of our suppliers give free cannabis seed samples with each order!
❌ Takes a few days for your package to arrive

❌ Pre-sales advice may take some time as it needs to be conducted via digital communication

FAQ : Things to Know About Buying Cannabis Seeds in Malta

Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in Malta?

Yes, you can! Just make sure that you stick to the guidelines that we provided above. You can grow a maximum of 4 Cannabis plants at home, and have up to 7 grams of Weed.

Where do Cannabis Seeds Promote on this Site Ship From?

The brands and seedbanks that we propose are carefully selected from established Dutch based sellers who offer quick and discreet shipping of the Cannabis Seeds to Malta.