Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Malta : How To Buy Guide

A leading country to redraft the cannabis laws after the increasing advert of its therapeutic uses, Malta has taken steps to institute a legitimately structured market. According to the law, adults can carry up to seven grams of cannabis and grow up to four plants at home. In addition, Cannabis Clubs have been established to control and standardise the entire process, from the cultivation of seeds to the distribution of drugs. 

Considering the tropical Mediterranean climate and abundance of sunlight, the cultivation of cannabis seeds in Malta is favourable. Furthermore, the long warm summers and mild, humid winter provide the perfect temperature for the farmers to nurture the weed seeds in Malta. Planning to grow your cannabis in Malta? Let us guide you through the types of strains and choose the right ones!

How To Select the Best Cannabis Seeds

Time needed: 10 minutes.

The following steps go through the How-To process of choosing the perfect cannabis seed for your requirements:

  1. Identify Cannabis Strain Suitable to the Maltese Climate

    Read through this page to understand better which Cannabis Strains offer the best chance of success when cultivating their seeds in Malta.

  2. Decide on the Flavour & Taste

    After selecting the Cannabis Strain that you want to grow based on the cultivation fit to Maltese climate and the desired effect, it is important to take the taste that the batch will yield in consideration to enjoy the overall experience.

  3. Take into Consideration the Aroma

    It is important to note that the smell of weed may not necessarily reflect the taste properties. Therefore it is also important that you take this into account. We all know how nosy neighbours in Malta can be, so you would can consider strains which are more subtle in their aromas.

  4. Smoke for the Occasion!

    The setting or occasion where you are planning to consume your batch should also play a part in choosing the chemical profile of the seeds you want to cultivate.

Cannabis Seeds Suitable for the Maltese Climate

Autoflowering Seeds: Best Starter Choice

When buying cannabis seeds, you must understand what type of cannabis seeds you prefer to harvest. As a newbie grower, autoflowering seeds are easy to handle, given the warm Maltese weather. These weed seeds are easy to handle as they automatically bloom about 3-4 weeks after incubation, regardless of the light schedule, having the same Marijuana Malta taste and thrill. The other types of cannabis seeds are regular, feminized seeds and photoperiod.

In Malta, to buy cannabis seeds, you can find a fantastic variety from the top seedbanks such as Barney’s farm, Fastbud, Herbies Seeds, Blimburn seeds, and many others.

Indica, Sativa & Hybrid Strains : Medicinal or Recreation?

The warm tropical climate of Malta favours the following different types of cannabis strains:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

These types produce potent and resilient marijuana. The Indica subspecies is famous for its relaxing and therapeutic abilities, aiding insomnia and pain management due to its high CBD content. At the same time, Sativa strains offer stimulating cerebral effects. A hybrid plant combines Indica and Sativa strains that give medicinal and recreational advantages. The warm weather in Malta makes Sativa plants more favourable for cultivation.

Let’s explore their characteristics further:

Cannabis SativaCultivated mainly in warm climates with sunny days, such as Malta. They are high and thin, with finger-like leaves having high THC and low CBD content giving you the anti-anxiety, happy and creative feel. The popular Sativa strains are Gelato, Malawi, Lemon Ak Auto and Tokamak
Cannabis IndicaIs natural to regions with harsh and hot climates. They are short and wide with bushy leaves that grow wide and broad. They proliferate and yield more produce than Sativa having a high CBD to THC ratio. Famous for the profound recreational effect, they help ease nausea and pain and increase hunger. The popular indica strains are Afghan auto, Gorilla Glue auto, and Grandmommy Purple.
HybridIs a blend of Sativa and Indica grown in greenhouses with the features of the parent plants. They are usually categorized as Indica-dominant (or Indica-dom), Sativa-dominant (Sativa-dom), or balanced. Popular hybrids include Wedding Glue Auto, Girl Scout Cookies, and Godzilla Cookies Auto.

In Conclusion …

With more than 4000 hours of sunlight, you can cultivate any strain of Marijuana in Malta due to the perfect climate conditions.