Buy Autoflower Cannabis Seeds in Malta

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are very resistant to extreme weather conditions, pests and fungi; and grow independently of light. This means that the flowering process will start automatically based on a time cycle in a few weeks, rather than a light cycle, and they can be grown both inside as well as outside without special light equipment!

The Seeds that we suggest also start flowering in a very short time, from 2 to 4 weeks.

Top 5 Most Popular Autoflowering Strains

The Cannabis Strains suggested below have been picked from over 1,500 different types of Autoflowering Seeds available. Our selection is based on the most popular seeds from the Amsterdam Seed Center.

How to Use the Below Table :

  • The ‘Rank’ column defines the ease of growing the particular Autoflower Cannabis Seed in Malta, 1 being the easiest.
  • Click on the Seed Strain text within the ‘Name‘ column to read more about or buy that particular seed.
  • Click on the Brand Name within the ‘Brand‘ column to be presented with all the Autoflowering Seed options for that particular Seedbank.
1Auto JackParadise SeedsDerived from a mix of Sativa Female (Jack Herer) and a White Widow Male, this seed yields a strong, stable and productive plant that gives a good amount of tasty big buds under a layer of trichomes.
2Super Lemon HazeGreen House SeedsA short to medium-sized plant averaging a height of 80 to 100 cm. It is 50% Sativa, 30% Indica and 20% Ruderalis. The life-cycle of this plant is completed in a total of 9 weeks from germination through to harvest. Flowering commences during the third week of growth. This strain hits fast but with a light body-stone and a very clear, cerebral, uplifting high.
3Auto Amnesia XXLDinafemA high-quality Cannabis Seed that will be highly enjoyed by Sativa lovers who are after a quality plant which yields in a fast way. It yields good amounts of heavy compact buds covered in resin, and is perfect to enjoy with friends.
4Gorilla Zkittlez AutoBarney’s FarmAn incredible aromatic autoflower which literally flourishes into a pine flavoured Christmas Tree in as little as 75 days. It produces an abundance of great looking kushy flowers covered in huge amounts of juicy trichomes with a final height indoors of 80 to 100cm and can be expected to produce an average of 420 gr/m².
5Auto Banana BlazeDutch PassionShe is a robust Indica dominant autoflower with a penetrating smell. The aroma is best described as creamy, sweet, fruity and tropical. It take approximately 12 weeks to cultivate from planting the seed to harvest time.

FAQ : Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Do you deliver Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds to Malta?

Yes, all the Cannabis Seeds recommended through this site are available for shipping to Malta. Furthermore, the seeds are kept refrigerated until the time of order, and packed in specific packaging which keeps them fresh during the transit to ensure that you get the best quality.